Whether you're looking for catalogues, brochures or flyers – you'll find all Festool media here, available to download as a PDF file. all of the attributes users have come to expect from Festool – from excellent ergonomics for perfect handling through to precision for quick and accurate results. chortsofalecdurl.gq 3M + Festool Automotive Systems. Introducing the. Total Automotive Sanding System. Engineered to support the ongoing need for.

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    Festool Katalog Pdf

    ETS /5. ETS EC /3. ETS EC /5. Eccentric sanders. Vibration and emissions values can be found in the operating manual at chortsofalecdurl.gq vibration. More information on many Festool products and processes can be found in our Next, optimise and speed up your work processes – with Festool standard. For using the BESSEY toggle clamps on multifunction tables such as Festool. MFT and Sortimo WorkMo with hole diameter of 20 mm and plate thickness of min.

    Forward of Decide to purchase Optimum health Festool P Grit, Brilliant 2 Abrasives, Pack of on top of retail store If you're excited about purchase ultimate fees Heard consumer reviews consists of a quite more proportionate perceiving while using attributes of them. You could test to locate simillar equipment and sometimes will encourage you to settle on to choose. Take a look at travelling important points with schedules is designed to vary a variety of everything along with products and services. You could work on to search for blog posts and articles features. Click on the device to read any alternative vendor think about Festool P Grit, Brilliant 2 Abrasives, Pack of It'll put in a much ample understanding for your requirements of the benefits and drawbacks of it. Make sure you to find a very much the same products to examine because that helps you throughout buying choices. Transporting details and information will vary for virtually every items as well as by understanding such as no cost transport solution, and so on. It is best to to compare the additional value, special offers, value, and newest rates about Festool P Grit, Brilliant 2 Abrasives, Pack of before consider to shop for from virtually any store.

    Page 5 2. Page 7 Filtersack 3. Page 9 Please read the operating instructions and observe the safety precautions! The specified illustrations can be found at the beginning of the operating instructions. Page Electrical Connection 2.

    Stick the enclosed sticker in your national language - Warning: The appliance may contain dust that on the text area of the warning plate. Fix the blanking is hazardous to health. Page 12 - Open the vacuum cleaner, leave for around 5 minutes to cool down. The front pocket is large enough for one 32" mm rail and rail connectors. Multifunction table Multifunction tables. A stable workbench is critical to most, if not all, cutting operations and assembly work.

    The inability to move the workbench from the workshop to the jobsite can be limiting. Workbench or tool stand. The new MFT tables are offered in two sizes. It is the perfect table to use for cutting, routing, sanding, and assembly work.

    It is lower in height, creating a more comfortable working environment when using the Kapex. Multifunction tables Applications Creating perfect rip, miter, and cross-cuts in wider boards has never been easier. The flip stops make repeatable cuts of the same length effortless.

    FESTOOL elektronarzędzia

    With the optional guide rail adapter, making perfect dados with a router is a breeze. Perfectly straight or infinitely angled grooves are easy to achieve with the precision miter gauge and rail system. Rebates and profiles are easy when the workpiece is secured with one of the many Festool clamping options. Securing work for sanding is fast and easy with the low profile clamping elements. Festool Fact: The insert plate of the MFT is reversible.

    The plate can be rotated or flipped over for a fresh work surface. It is unbelievable what a difference it has made in my ability to make straight, splinter-free cuts on my cabinets. For more traditional vertical or horizontal holding power when planing or gluing materials. New York Simple. Stable and reliable work surface Slip-resistant feet ensure a stable work platform through the elimination of table drift. New V-groove channels make adjustments both faster and easier.

    Flat and forgiving work surface The perforated insert plate is flat and makes a great work surface. Both the fence and the miter gauge have been redesigned for better stability and more accurate results. Rigidity is enhanced with the addition of optional cross member supports. It is also replaceable. Multiple holes in a uniform pattern are ideal for clamping operations.

    Profiles The V-groove profiles facilitate a range of clamping options. Tool-less integration of the guide rail system Quick and easy conversion of the work surface reduces space requirements. Portable The legs fold in for easy transportation or for using the table on the floor.

    Adjustable leg One leg can be adjusted to accommodate uneven surfaces while keeping the table level. For use with sawing. On the jobsite or in the workshop. They are also replaceable. Folding legs for two unique working positions. Knobs are large for easy grip and stand out from the leg to protect the hands when turning. The perforated top is ideally suited for use with MFT clamping accessories.

    Slip-resistant feet Prevent table drift during usage. Large leg locks Screw knobs release the legs for easy storage and transport. Flat and forgiving work surface The insert plates are flat and make a great work surface. Grid hole pattern Multiple holes in a uniform pattern are ideal for clamping operations.

    Features Kapex stand A specially-designed height and size for use with the Kapex sliding compound miter saw. Portable At only 42 lbs. System integration Works with Festool clamps and clamping elements to secure a work piece for routing.

    Robust Durable materials and high quality construction for long service life. Adjustable leg One leg can be adjusted to accommodate uneven surfaces.. Tables can be joined end to end or side by side. Need a larger work surface? F sanding. Festool clamp heads are formed to slide into the T-slots and fasten material at any point.

    For multiple cut positions additional stop flags can be placed on the fence. Accessories No. The clamping elements provide lateral clamping force to materials fixed to the top. Pack of 2. Each stop can be swung in to make the cut without adjusting position.

    Utilizing the T-slot on the side rails. Pack of 1 2 are needed. For repetitive material sizing use the stop flag to accurately position the material in relation to the guide rail. Can be easily folded away.

    Material can be fastened to the top using the uniform grid hole pattern on the perforated top. Maximize the workpiece holding potential of the MFT design by using Festool clamping accessories. Multifunction tables Accessories that help you work faster. Never before has equipment been organized so systematically with so much time saved as a result. Storage systems More time working. A revolutionary system for organizing. One of these innovations emerged in and has continued to be developed and improved upon ever since: I can roll right in the job.

    The four Sortainer models complement any tool by keeping all related components and small parts organized. Systainers are great for storing tools. When I need to install cabinets. See page 44 for more details.

    I bring my vacuum. And nothing beats a Systainer-Port in the shop to keep all of your Systainers and Sortainers neatly organized. Festool Systainer and Sortainer solutions make work faster.

    Festool provides you with two options. With height-adjustable ball-bearing supported sliding drawers. For the ultimate mobility solution. They include features like integrated handles. The Systainer cart is a simple solution for moving Systainers and Sortainers around the workshop. Store tools. This smart feature and the included dividers can be used to build a configuration that meets your specific requirements exactly.

    Easier 42 B The patented. The unique design of the Sortainer allows you to mix and match drawer types to create hundreds of possibilities. Sortainers incorporate the same great features as our Systainers. Storage system Applications Systainers form the foundation for a well-organized workshop or worksite.

    The smart. Festool Sortainers provide simple yet sophisticated organization for the shop or the worksite. Custom inserts are designed to hold Festool tools. When it comes to mobility. Festool Systainers have an image of the tool printed on the labels found on the front and one side. Each Systainer that is designed for a specific tool also has the serial number for that tool on the label. I found the answer I was looking for: When sharing a workspace with another Festool user.

    Productivity enhancements like these really add up. Fine Furniture Maker Festool tip: To find the right tool quickly and easily. Jerry Work. Long service life and stability Made of durable. Improved organization A place for everything and everything in its place. Festool Systainers offer professionals a strong. Systainers make it possible to create portable workstations. Surfaces All surfaces are flat when latched. The handle and latches do not protrude beyond the surface—reduces snags.

    Oversized handle Large. Time-consuming searches are history. Stackable All standard Systainers have similar dimensions for easy stacking. By attaching tool and accessory Systainers to a Sortainer filled with complimentary items. Designed to seamlessly connect to one another and with Festool Sortainers.

    Available in 7 sizes to cater to your every need 5 shown here and 1 each smaller and larger. Insert tools. Award-winning Setting new standards for innovation.

    Mobility Can be mounted on an independent rolling base or mounted on CT dust extractors via Sys-dock feature for quick and easy transportation. Locking latches Systainers can be attached to one another. These versatile drawer sets latch onto Systainers and CT dust extractors.

    Latch two or more Sortainers together for a complete small-parts storage system that can be broken down and reconfigured as necessary. Latches Each drawer features a pull-out lock that prevents the drawers from being removed or falling out unintentionally.

    Accessibility Drawers can be inserted from both sides. Many variations Sortainers are available in Drawers and compartments can also be configured with insert dividers.

    Labels Each drawer front has a recess. Locking latches Multiple Sortainers can be attached to one another. Flexible drawers and compartments The sortainer is available in many configurations: All Sortainers share the same footprint.

    Dividers Several slots in each drawer for dividers. Stackable Equal dimensions and recesses are uniform for easy storage and transport. Each divider is flush with the top of the drawer. Stability Reinforced with aluminum profiles and a honeycomb structure. Or latch a Sortainer and Systainer to a CT dust extractor for a rolling workstation—especially useful when you are working on-site.

    For example. Sortainers open up endless possibilities. SYS 4.

    SYS 5 and other Maxisystainers. Pack of 4. See page No more digging around. Dimensions L x W x H: SYS 2. SYS 3. For greater flexibility. Foam inserts for Systainers 5 6 Foam insert set Dimpled insert for lid. Festool offers a wide assortment of inserts and accessories to make Systainers and Sortainers more useful.

    Also read: DIN 14675 PDF

    Insert comes with Systainer 4. Pack of 2 gray. Time savings Fast and convenient access to tools. Mobility Sys-Ports can be mounted on bearing rollers for easy mobility.

    Lock system The Sys-Port can be locked to secure drawers for transport and prevent theft. Stability Locking brakes prevent the Sys-Port from accidentally rolling away. Ball bearing casters included with each Sys-Port.

    Anti-slip rubber surface The rubberized top can be used for resting tools and work pieces. The Systainer-Port is a mobile storage system that helps you become more efficient in the shop.

    As a safety feature. Height adjustable ball bearing supported drawer slides can be configured for different size Systainers and Sortainers. Features like ball bearing casters and locking brakes allow you to move your tools effortlessly across the shop floor and lock them in place while you work.

    Also features a twoway drawer lock for secure and safe use. Storage system and single drawer safety feature Quick and easy access to parts. With enough space to store tools. Everything you need can be organized. Durable Robust construction for maximum performance and a long-service life.

    Maximum space utilization Height-adjustable drawers can be adapted to different Systainer heights.

    Systainer boxes not included. Comes with 4 locking straps. Festool TS saws deliver panel sawprecision in a versatile. Sawing Setting the standard for precision. We invented the guide rail over 40 years ago. The quicker way for a cleaner cut. MMC electronics mean that your cuts will be burnfree and glue-ready. Whether making perpendicular or beveled cuts.

    California Faster www.. Since using the TS 55 and TS Turn to the TS 75 when you need more capacity. Big on power. Nothing beats the convenience of the TS 55 for cutting down panels. Trimming and fitting doors and cabinets is a breeze when using a TS saw and guide rail. Portable plunge cut saws Applications Can your circular saw make an absolute straight cut. Illinois Easier 52 Festool Fact: MMC electronics monitor the speed of the saw blade and provide the best possible cutting speed for a superior result.

    Can your circular saw make a cut out in a very expensive piece of wood without you sweating over how it will turn out? Can your circular saw create glue-ready cuts without the need of rework? Maybe it is time to upgrade! The TS plunge cut saws can be used to create glue ready edges on rough stock material. My work is more accurate and safer. No more lifting a 77 lb.

    The splinterguard and guide rail system make it possible to have splinterfree cuts on both sides of the blade. The electronics keep the saw blade speed constant under load and prevent burn marks. And a large assortment of blades means that almost all of your cutting requirements are covered. Larry R. California Festool tip: With the FastFix blade change. Festool offers 6 different blades for the TS 55 for cutting building materials: Festool also offers 7 different blades for the TS I grabbed my Festool plunge cut saw from my shop.

    This reduces the chance of kickback. A host of refinements were incorporated to create a saw that is lighter. Rotating dust port Direct dust away from the saw. With so many great features. The saw is also locked into a position to facilitate easy arbor bolt removal. Splinterguard on both sides Splinter-free cutting on both sides of the cut line. The plunge action allows cut placement anywhere on the cut line for straight cuts or cut-outs into material.

    The riving knife keeps the cut kerf open so that the material does not pinch the blade. Add the replaceable splinterguard.

    Plunge cutting action Simple depth adjustment allows you to expose only the part of the blade necessary for the cut. Guide rail guidance When used with Festool guide rails. MMC electronics Variable speed allows you to match the speed of the saw to the material. The 55 mm cutting depth. The plunge action allows you to make precision cut outs on wood surfaces and flooring. MMC electronics. Riving knife Spring-loaded riving knife splitter retracts into the housing during plunge cuts. Eliminate tear out on both sides of the cut line with the guide rail and replaceable splinterguard.

    The electronics also maintain a consistent speed under load. Keeping both sides of the cut line clean means less material waste.

    When engaged. Triple motor bearing The triple motor bearing improves the smoothness of cutting action and extends the service life of the tool. FastFix blade changes. Try the TS 75 once. Slip clutch The slip clutch helps to minimize the risk of a kickback and minimizes wear on the blade. Save time and create matched panels by cutting stacked sheet goods with one cut.

    No other saw comes close to its power and pinpoint accuracy. The TS 75 is suitable for cutting solid doors. Features Power The TS 75 is our most powerful plunge cut saw. FastFix saw blade changing system Blade changes are easier and safer using the FastFix system. There are two ways to set the depth of plunge saws.

    As a second option. For example: Then add a few millimeters to the depth setting to ensure full cut-through. Limit stops reduce the chance of kickback. Maximize plunge cut saw usefulness with system accessories. Increase versatility and extend your range of applications with Festool plunge cut saw accessories. Maintain maximum cut performance with replacement splinterguards. The saw comes packaged with one and a second limit stop can be helpful to set the limit on cuts not just plunge cuts.

    Parallel guide 2 2 o maintain splinter-free cutting. Pack of 5. Festool offers seven different circular saw blades for various applications. Color code Material Speed range wood plastic non-ferrous metal steel 3.

    Festool circular saw blades have large arbor holes which serve to reduce vibration and increase blade stability. This range of blades covers everything from cutting wood. Some Festool circular saw blades feature variable tooth spacing which results in reduced vibration producing cleaner cuts and less noise. They alternate with the flat teeth when cutting into the material.

    All blades have laser expansion slots which reduce warping related to heat build-up. This tooth shape is for cutting aluminum. These slots also reduce vibration. Blade RPM also has a significant effect on the cutting result. The alternate tooth saw blade is a universal blade for all types of wood.

    ATB rip blade with radical hook angle and deep gullets for fast and easy rip cuts. Standard saw blade 2. ATB saw blade for coarse cuts in wood. ATB saw blade for fine cross cuts in sheet goods. ATB saw blade for clean cuts in wood.

    Fine rip blade for glue ready cuts. Pendulum jigsaws The beauty of precision. Festool brings a new level of precision to jigsaws. Wandering cuts are virtually eliminated with the patented threeway saw blade guide and adjustable carbide guidance jaws that keep the cut perpendicular to the base of the saw.

    Effortless cuts can be achieved with a high-performance. Smooth curves. Jigsaws designed for your comfort. Both saws have the same high performance specifications. Because your results are important to us. Faster www. Trion jigsaws come in two designs. With any jigsaw. The Festool Trion solves the problem with adjustable carbide tipped jaws that provide three-way blade guidance.

    Maryland 62 Festool Fact: Using Festool Trion Jigsaws with splinterguards. Simply insert a fresh splinterguard when changing blades. After inserting the blade. A splinterguard protects against chipping. Tough workpieces and curves can easily cause the blade to deflect. The result is time-consuming finishing work like sanding or even recutting.

    You now have a true zero clearance. Easier Drew D. If I had this tool from the beginning. Massachusetts Festool tip: For cutting thick stock. Festool recommends using the goldcolored Trion jigsaw blades. The blade wandered and ruined it. I immediately went out and bought the PSB and successfully made the curved cut. I would have saved time and money. FastFix Allows for quick. Dual-port extraction and chip deflector Use a combination of these for maximum dust control.

    FastFix lever angles and opens the chuck for easy blade removal. Zero clearance splinterguard Solid one-piece splinterguards mount in the foot of the tool for zero-clearance. Hard material and curves can easily cause the blade to deflect. Trion jigsaws are designed with adjustable carbide-tipped jaws that work with the blade clamping system and back-up bearing for triple blade guidance that keeps the blade perpendicular to the shoe at all times.

    Festool - Flipedia

    Non-marring sub-base The non-marring. Carbide guidance system Rigidly supports the blade at exactly the pre-set angle. Variable stroke Four unique stroke settings vary from straight plunge action for smooth cuts to aggressive orbital action for rapid cuts. The barrel grip PS is designed to fit your hand with a low center of gravity. MMC electronics Festool Jigsaws feature soft-start that softens start-up jolts. This gives you precise zero clearance for ultra clean cuts with no splinters or tear out.

    Trion jigsaw splinterguards are designed to be cut by the blade for perfect zero-clearance between the blade and the splinterguard. The resultant cut is clean through the entire piece with little or no finishing required. The D-handle PSB features a fingertip trigger and smaller profile grip. MMC electronics Festool jigsaws feature soft-start to soften start-up jolts. Variable stroke One straight plunge action setting and three progressive orbital modes. Zero clearance splinterguard Solid one-piece splinterguards are cut with the blade mounted in the machine.

    Perfect guidance for precise cuts—The Trion has 3-way blade guidance—based on the pendulum rod. The blade stays at exactly the pre-set angle. Whether doing circle cut-outs or guided cuts. Festool has you covered. Accessories Maximize the versatility of your Festool jigsaw and maintain splinter-free performance with genuine Festool jigsaw accessories.

    Unparalleled cut performance is easy to maintain with a supply of fresh splinterguards. Use the chip guard to maximize dust extraction. The range covers everything from blades for cutting wood. The blades are also designed for various types of cuts. The T-shank design is universal fit for most professional jigsaws. Festool carries different jigsaw blades for various types of materials. Kapex KS Sliding compound miter saw Innovation, compounded.

    The KS was developed with one goal in mind: The KS is the first miter saw with variable speed, enabling the user to match the speed of the blade with the requirements of the material for perfect cuts, every time. Finally, a sliding compound miter saw that combines a large cutting capacity with a compact lightweight design. The innovative twin-column forward rail design gives this saw greater precision in an extremely small footprint.

    Lightweight sliding compound miter saw. There are many good reasons to make the Kapex KS your next sliding compound miter saw: Innovative features that allow you to measure and cut inside and outside corners without complex calculations are sure to take productivity to new levels.

    No other sliding compound miter saw offers so much value and so many great features. But it is also faster, because the double-sided laser is useradjustable, making it spot-on, whether you like to cut right on the line or right to the center of the line. The power and impressive cutting depth of the KS will make you think that you are working with a much larger saw.

    This saw is remarkable. Most miter saws are not designed to cut anything but wood, but with variable speed capability, the Kapex allows you to match the speed of the blade with the requirements of the material. Efficient dust extraction is a foremost consideration in the design of the Kapex, allowing you to focus on your work, not on cleaning up. The saw comes with an angle transfer device and dual laser guides to eliminate complex angle calculations by copying the angle directly from the wall to the saw.

    The base of the Kapex is a magnesium alloy that is lightweight, with deep ribbing for stability and strength. The work surface height is equal to the height of a Systainer SYS 1 for quick jobsite material support. MMC electronics Most miter saws are not designed to cut anything but wood.

    Compact and lightweight With a rail-forward design. Angle transfer device Complex angle calculations are eliminated by copying the angle directly from the wall to the saw with the angle transfer device. Capacity With the special cutting position. In the hands of a skilled carpenter. Effective dust extraction. Saw blade can be changed in just a few simple steps. Dust extraction system design The flexible and removable rubber dust hood to the rear of the blade. With a 10" blade.

    Engineered to be lightweight and compact. Dual-line lasers Fully adjustable dual-line lasers accurately define the cut area for precise cut placement. Four core elements integrate each tool into a foundational system of products: dust extractors, Multifunction tables, Guide rails, and systainers.

    The manner in which our products work together makes each one function more efficiently, effectively, and accurately. Our tools are designed to work seamlessly with our dust extractorsincreasing efficiency, reducing airborne particulates, and extending the service life of your tools and consumables.

    The table top is composed of an indexed grid hole system perforated plate and high-density MdF to enable easy clamping. The MFT seamlessly handles cutting, drilling, sawing, sanding and routing functions. They are available in eight different lengths, ensuring precision cuts for a variety of materials. Key advantages of the guide rail system include the elimination of laborious measurement and set-up, rework and wasted material, among others.

    Festool USA Catalog 2013.pdf

    Their flexible, modular design saves time and space, and puts everything you need within reach. Because Festool products all work together in a completely integrated fashion, every piece adds value to the whole system. This allows you to workFaster. Festool products have been carefully designed to fit and work together. Systainers, integrated dust extraction, and the system based on quick and easy setups, all save time, allowing projects to be completed quickly and efficiently.

    The more Festool products you use, the higher your productivity and the more you save.

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