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  2. I tried the 'The Miracle Morning' productivity routine for a month. Here's what happened.
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GAINING CLARITY: The process of writing down our thoughts forces us to think through them enough to understand them. Thus, The Miracle Morning JOURNAL . THE MIRACLE MORNING FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS PLANNER. Hal Elrod & Natalie Janji List of Recommended Books. - Sample Journal Questions. The Miracle Morning™ JOURNAL available at “The only thing I regret about journaling is that I waited so long to start.”.

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The Miracle Morning Journal Pdf

).pdf The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before Introduction: How To Use Your Miracle Morning™ Journal. The Miracle Morning JOURNAL was designed by #1 bestselling author Hal Elrod to be the perfect tool for helping you take your Miracle Morning practice to the. (Amazing.) Years later, he found himself in a funk and discovered The Morning Miracle. And, here we are! miracle mornings—whether that's a 6-minute plan to start or In this Note, I'm going to .. Aka writing in a journal!:) HABITS

I am a night owl. I rather work till late in the night, than to wake up five minutes earlier. I would get up as late as possible, skip breakfast a habit I sadly still fall into disrepair , rush to work , and then feel like I was trying to catch up the rest of the day. But this lifestyle takes tribute on your physical AND on your mental well-being. It also impact the majority of your productivity and your vibe during the day. And so one of my goals was to get a morning routine started. Because I want to be a high vibe mom AND a high vibe tarot reader and spiritual counselor I want a high vibe business next year!!! But this lifestyle I was used to does not fit into a mompreneurs lifestyle. I need to set up myself in order to not get overwhelmed. I am a single mom. I have two kids and a complete household to manage by myself. As I said, I want to be successful.

Obviously, years of hard work in my field also helped me get this book deal.

Gratitude really can enhance your happiness. Throughout The Miracle Morning, Elrod talks a lot about gratitude. And science agrees: Many studies have shown that practicing gratitude can help people feel happier, less anxious and less depressed. Whether or not you write out a gratitude list in the mornings, the mere act of focusing on the good things in your life — rather than the negatives — every morning can truly change your mindset, as I quickly discovered.

What My Morning Journal Looks Like | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

When the skiing accident happened, I could have let my dark thoughts and fears take over my mindset. Instead, I immediately started listing the things I was grateful for — even as I was lying there in the snow! I was grateful for the man who waited with me until ski patrol came.

I was grateful that I lived nearby. I was grateful for my friend who met me in the clinic and made me laugh as I awaited x-rays.

I tried the 'The Miracle Morning' productivity routine for a month. Here's what happened.

Sure, my ski season may have ended, but I still had a lot to be thankful for. I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of heartfelt comments, letters, and more that I received. What I needed was a daily and meditative practice of production, like the tea ceremony. So, voila, I bought the journal.

It may be the most important aspect of trapping thought on paper i. There are huge benefits to writing, even if no one — yourself included — ever reads what you write. In other words, the process matters more than the product.

Miracle Morning Cheat Sheet (In the Bullet Journal)

Below is one of my real entries. Feels great.

Meanwhile I like to be productive in the morning and getting things done, so that I have free time in the afternoon for creating sacred time with my kids and in the evening time for self-developing and growth.

To create a morning routine is crucial for changing old habits and implementing good habits, and above all its necessary for lifetime success. What to do?

Create a morning routine.

It was life changing. I discovered that when I have a personal ritual for myself, I can scip any morning procrastination. Did you know, that you have only a certain amount of energy and willpower when you wake up? To take care of hundreds of mini decisions, you slowly get drained.


And even more, if they mean nothing for the situation your actually right in. That means, you avoid mental fatigue! And isn't that great?

Or the day after…. Or… you know the game, right?

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