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Bewerbung Anschreiben Pdf

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Applying for a Job in Germany Information and Tips The following pages provide some information and tips about searching a job in Germany. Here you will find information and basics to develop a good and complete content draft. Job Search For the search for job postings, we recommend the large general online job portals, as well as a variety of industry-specific job portals for a specialized search.

Muster Bewerbungsschreiben | Bewerbungsschreiben

Make sure that you write your entire application in the language of the respective job posting! In order to identify potential employers in the region, you can use the websites of industry associations or regional networks.

If you have found an attractive employer, but there is currently no suitable job advertised, you could submit an unsolicited application. When doing so, make sure that your application is directed to a specific contact person and that you are applying for a concrete job profile. Please note: Good command of German is essential in the German job market. Even in international companies and organizations, German language skills are expected.

Application Documents Application documents comprise of a cover letter, a CV and all relevant references and credentials.

Ihre Bewerbung bei EPT

If not requested otherwise in the job posting, apply by e-mail. The application should be attached as one! PDF file. In order to avoid formal errors in your application, you will find useful tips for the compulsory components: Curriculum vitae, cover letter and certificates. To make sure that your application documents do not contain spelling or typing mistakes, it is best to have the application corrected by a native speaker with good spelling skills.

89 Vorlagen Bewerbung Anschreiben Text Interview

A short overview about the application process in Germany is given in this video: If you are pursuing an academic career and are looking for positions in science and research, please refer to the sub-section Specifics of an Academic Application. Apart from several bureaucratic obstacles, applying for a job in Germany might be a rewarding challenge. Many international and national companies as well as institutions offer a wide variety of well-paid positions.


The shortage of skilled workers in all kinds of sections demands more qualified staff -the medical sector, for example, is running out of doctors and especially elderly care is lacking nurses at the moment and in the near future.

Moreover, if you take a closer look at relevant German career sites on the internet e. The current situation on the German labour market clearly shows that the gap can hardly be bridged. Many vacancies cannot be filled, as lots of companies complain about the lack of qualification, motivation and soft skills when applicants send their CVs and covering letters. After having identified a suitable vacancy, the next steps are to get your qualifications recognised and to write your actual application — and keep the following issues in mind: like in some other countries, applying for a job in Germany is a rather standardised procedure.

Bewerbung 2018 Anschreiben Muster MeinebewerbungBewerbung Anschreiben Aufbau Pdf

Focusing on important steps is crucial and actually shows that you can separate significant information from less relevant details. When applying for a job in Germany, your CV is supposed to contain the following information: name, date of birth, place of birth, even your marital status and gender can be mentioned.

Do not use a holiday picture but a formal, classy portrait of yourself in suitable business attire. Investing in a high quality image is seen as a reasonable thing to do and highly recommendable.

This is considered to be one of the main differences when you intend to apply for a job in Germany. In order to get the full picture, employers in Germany want to know what kind of education you went through, which universities you attended and so on.

Please always keep in mind that in most cases, the company or your future employer does not know anything about you — who you are, what you did so far, what you are interested in and which kind of direction you aim at in the near future.

Tips for writing your Lebenslauf in German language! Inform your future employer about what you already did that qualifies you for the vacant position, telling him about your expertise. Write about your achievements without exaggeration. Take your time to customise it — and do not write a generic letter of application in German to several employers, hoping this will lead to success. The style and how you write might be important too.

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