You can easily copy content in Acrobat Reader DC, unless the PDF author has applied security settings that disallow copying. The Snapshot tool copies an area as an image that you can paste into other applications. Acrobat Reader DC. I'm transitioning from Acrobat 9 where I used the snapshot tool to specify and copy images to paste to a new location. In acrobat XI, the snapshot tool is found here Edit - take snapshot. When you use the snapshot tool it saves the bitmap to the clipboard, allowing you to paste. Use the Snip Tool. Use the Snip Tool to take pictures of your PDF document. Open the PDF document that you want to take a snip from. Switch to Edit Mode by .

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    Snapshot Tool For Pdf

    Take snapshots of PDF pages to save them as image files or to re-use the snapshots elsewhere. The Snapshot tool gives you that opportunity - and more. PDF Snipping Tool latest version: Cut Text and Graphics Out of Any PDF File. Extracting a picture or a paragraph from a PDF file can be a pain, especially if you do not Not Much More than A Screen Capture Tool; Does Not Allow You to Edit. The snapshot tool will allow you to select a subset of a page for printing. Step 1 : Activate the Snapshot tool You can also just close the pdf and reopen it.

    This file is described as a fixed layout flat document that includes fonts, text, graphics and other info that is needed to be displayed. It was at first a proprietary format under Adobe Systems and later released as an open standard on However, any application that opens PDF does not have a built-in screenshot function. Moreover it can also easily be shared on different social media sites. And if you are in search of the best ways to take PDF snapshot then more information will be provided after the jump. How to make PDF screenshot on Windows 1. This usual way is reliable, but its function is limited in taking screenshot. Furthermore, this tool has a built-in image editor for adding annotations and a function to save image on cloud storage. Moreover, it provides sharing function which enables users to share image on various social media sites.

    Snip Virtually Any Content PDF is often the preferred format in saving text documents for their advanced security option. However, PDF files are not the easiest to process. More so, it is very difficult to extract a specific area in this file format.

    PDF Snipping Tool - Download

    You can either choose to take snips from rectangular areas or even the entire page. Your snips can then either be cut and pasted into other programs.

    You can send it to professional image editors, such as Adobe Photoshop , Illustrator , and CorelDraw.

    You can also save captured parts as image files. Extracted files can also be saved as a web page or a plain text file. Furthermore, users can also send extracted files through e-mail.

    You can even enlarge or shrink the snipped area to your liking. The app looks like a typical PDF file with option buttons on the taskbar making it easy for you to choose the action that you want to do.

    Now you've got enough space to add annotations of any kind: Keep in mind that you can also paste your snapshot into other programs, not only PDF Annotator. For example, you could paste snapshots into Word documents, or into an image editor for further processing. Increasing image resolution As you have learned by now, snapshots are images - like photos taken of your document.

    Grab a web screenshot online

    Any image has a resolution a size in pixels , and images with a low resolution may look a little more blurry than images with a higher resolution. High resolution images will result in larger file sizes, though.

    You're probably familiar with that dilemma when taking photos with a digital camera. If you want to increase your snapshots' resolution, you can do so before taking the snapshot. Just increase the resolution option in the toolbar above the document.

    Able2Doc 7.0 Tip: Taking A Snapshot From PDF Documents

    By default, this value will be set to the screen resolution of 96 dpi, so that your snapshot will have exactly the same quality as you see the document on your screen.

    A higher resolution will result in a sharper and more detailed snapshot. But keep in mind that a very high resolution can result in really huge image, or PDF files.

    We typically recommend a maximum resolution of dpi or dpi. In the example below, we have taken the same snapshot with 96 dpi, and with dpi. After pasting both into a blank new document, they first both look like the same.

    Well, they both are the same size, but they have a different resolution. Zooming in unveils the difference: The high-dpi image is way more sharp and detailed than the low-res one. When you don't zoom in, you will still notice this difference when printing - as the printer can display a much higher resolution than your screen.

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